BR2 Custrim Builders
Room and amenity


The process of buying a new home really hasn't changed much in the past 50 years. Even with the advent of computers and high-tech communication systems, the process is still antiquated.

Ask yourself these questions:
1. What kind of information does a typical builder provide?
2. Does the builder provide in-depth procedures for purchasing?
3. Do you have any idea where your primary costs are?

Our goal is to provide you with a well-defined process for buying a house. BR2 Builders wants to educate you on the details of buying a home, and follow through to make sure the job is done right.


1. Obtain literature and become familiar with BR2 Custom Builders.
2. Research our list of previous BR2 customer references.
3. Tour Model Home and become familiar with amenities and choices.
4. Buyer should obtain pre-approval for financing of the project. Inquire     about cost estimates from BR2 in order to establish an initial project cost.
5. Establish an overall budget for property, construction costs, and     landscaping.
6. Select your house plan.
7. Contact a surveyor to stake the property and provide available building     dimensions and setbacks. Buyer may also request a topography map for     site-planning.
8. Pick house placement on the lot and pull a septic permit with the local     Health Department. This can take 4-6 weeks, so its best to get the permit     early in the process.
9. Contact local Electrical Utilities to sign a contract for service. They will get     you documentation and then engineer the service to your property.


1. Work with BR2 or an architect/designer to create plans and renderings.     BR2 can assist customers in the design, engineering, and execution.
2. After plans are completed, BR2 can provide estimates and guidance. The     objective is to tailor the design and size to fit the overall budget.
3. To move forward from here, BR2 Custom Builders receives a deposit. The     deposit is applied to the purchase price of the home when the contract is     signed.
4. Place house on the survey to verify position and elevations.
5. Customer pulls a septic permit from the local Health Department. (if no     sewer)
6. BR2 provides complete specifications for the home. BR2 details each room     and amenity.
7. BR2 provides a timeline for construction.
8. BR2 provides detailed pricing and a contract. Buyer assembles plans,     contract, pricing and specifications and delivers to the bank/mortgage     company. Final bank approval usually takes 2-4 weeks.
9. Buyer and BR2 establish a schedule of amenity selections. The schedule     and timeline enable the buyer to schedule site visits and shopping trips.
10. BR2 and Buyer sign contract.
11. BR2 pulls the appropriate building permits.
12. Customer and/or BR2 get electrical service to the property.
13. Construction begins.